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We utilize your marketing, underwriting, and customer performance data, streamlining every facet of business to maximize efficiency.

Proprietary Algorithms: Unified Analytics uses proprietary customer underwriting algorithms and back end monitoring databases to reduce risk and save you money in every phase of customer discovery, acquisition, and maintenance.

Tracking Industry Trends and Aggregators: Unified Analytics has a unique and specialized understanding of the industry. By utilizing custom software we give you the edge over your competition and put you in a position to grow your business rapidly.

Marketing: We work with your affiliate networks, SEO professionals, and PPC management teams to make sure you know exactly what your true customer acquisition costs are.

Underwriting: We help you integrate the industry leading bureaus to make sure you have maximum visibility. This will not only minimize loss but maximize growth by not throwing out good customers due to bad negative indicators.

Protection from Fraud: The incorrect information on an application might be intentional, it might be accidental, but either way it affects the bottom line of your business. Unified Analytics can help you verify all information and track changes in real time, ensuring the highest quality of clients and the best possible return on investment.

Integration or Complete Creation: We help you integrate your website, marketing modules, customer, call center, and collection software. We can enhance and improve your Back End or Front End, or build the complete system for you.